Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Payout Odds Still Good With Semi-Finals

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Jordan Bach
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Dancing With The Stars


While Jennifer Grey remains a favorite to win Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars and Brandy comes in as her closest competition as we enter the semi-finals, much of the talk has centered on a Tea Party voting drive around Bristol Palin, the daughter of the grass roots organization’s darling, Sarah Palin. 

Bristol Palin’s Dancing With The Stars payout odds were still at 5/1 or a $10 bet pays out $50. 

For her part, Bristol has dismissed rumors of any type of conspiracy.

"Think about all the people who hate my mom!" she said, responding to concerns over some type of “conspiracy theory”.  "I work my butt off.”

Each contestant Monday night will perform twice.  One dance will be new ballroom and one new Latin.

Annie Lennox and Enrique Iglesias are scheduled to perform on tomorrow's results show.

Here were your Dancing With The Stars odds heading into the semi-finals:




Bristol Palin                 



Jennifer Grey                 



Kyle Massey                 


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