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Dawn Olivieri

The biggest thing happening this past Monday night was no doubt Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings taking on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football, but if those fan boys who weren't interested in seeing the grizzled Favre try to take down his past employer, then they should have turned their eyes to the more lovely image of BetUS Girl Dawn Olivieri on the NBC show Heroes.

When the Heroes' writers and producers needed an individual to portray Lydia, a tattooed clairvoyant with the ability to connect with people and know their whereabouts, they turned to Olivieri who was more than happy to take up the role. For Olivieri, it might be her most impressive work to date, as Lydia is an extremely complex character.

Several other former BetUS Girls have gone on to become household names, most notably Andrea Lowell, who committed a cardinal sin on the Surreal Life by telling off Carol Brady (actress Florence Henderson). 

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Olivieri is probably best known for bits part on television shows like Cold Case, Knight Rider and How I Met Your Mother and for holding metal case #15 on Deal or No Deal in 2005. Her role on Heroes as Lydia is her first true recurring role, and almost assuredly signals that the BetUS Girl has become more than just a calendar pin-up model or bit role actress.

Lydia is an outcast and as Olivieri recently said in an interview with, "I think being ostracized a lot, being the outcast and odd kid, you learn to be by yourself and cultivate yourself."

The tattooed clairvoyant on Heroes is the perfect role in which Olivieri can cultivate herself and from Lydia there's no doubt that her career will only keep going up from here on out.

Olivieri has three film projects in the works in 2009. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, a black comedy about using a dead model in a documentary about a famous fashion designer, Olivieri plays Brooke.

In the television action movie Xtra Credit she has a starring role as Lexy, and in the horror film Dozers, Olivieri picks up another starring role as Ashley.

Dozers could really jump start Olivier's career on the big screen as the high-concept Dozers, which revolves around a Brave New Worldish plot involving a morality bomb releasing behavioral inhibitors and a stress-relieving patch called Solace, could be a huge hit.

Olivieri plays an Internet reporter struggling for fame. Ashley and Lydia are the type of rolls that Olivieri has been working for.

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