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Best Documentary Odds 2011 Oscars was one of the few online gambling websites offering odds on the “Best Documentary” at the 2011 Oscars.  

The Inside Job is a relatively small favorite at -220 odds, requiring a $22 bet to win $10 (the $22 is refunded should Inside Job win the Oscar for “Best Documentary”).

It is about the financial meltdown that occurred between the years 2007 and 2010.  The documentary is directed by Charles H. Ferguson. 

Exit Through The Gift Shop came in with odds of +300 or 3/1 for a payout potential of $30 on every $10 bet.

It is a film directed by Banksy that tells the story of Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in Los Angeles,  and his obsession with street art. The film charts Guetta's constant documenting of his every waking moment on film, from a chance encounter with his cousin, the artist Invader, to his introduction to a host of street artists with a focus on Shepard Fairey and Banksy, whose anonymity is preserved by obscuring his face and altering his voice, to Guetta's eventual fame as a street artist himself. (source:

Gasland came in with +990 odds and would pay out $99 for every $10 bet, which is a pretty odd number we might add.

The film explores communities in the United States impacted by natural gas drilling, and more specifically hydraulic fracturing.  Josh Fox directed it.

Wasteland came in with +660 odds, or nearly 7/1.  It is about Brazilian trash-pickers and an artist who changed their lives.

Restrepo would pay $100 on a $10 bet.  It explores the year that Junger and Hetherington spent in Afghanistan on assignment for Vanity Fair.

You can place your “Best Documentary” bets for the 2011 Oscars at  Remember to use bonus code: GAMBLING911 in order to claim your free cash.  *based on amount you open your account with. 

- Jordan Bach,

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