Avatar and The Oscars: Would Pay Gamblers $300

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C Costigan
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With all the talk about the mega box office hit Avatar these past few weeks, some Gambling911.com readers might want to actually place an early bet on Avatar winning an Oscar in 2010.  They can do so at BetUS.com online.

"This isn't your typical Oscar winning film nor is it the favorite," remarked Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.  "But neither was The Dark Knight, a film that landed Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar last year."

Avatar would pay out $300 for every $100 bet with an Oscar win.  Gamblers can place bets as low as $10 to win $30.

Avatar is already defying skeptics by inching ever so close to making a profit.  The film's budget was a whopping $280 million with an additional $150 million spent on marketing. Its final worldwide opening weekend total is $242.5 million.  Positive "word of mouth" should give the film extended life in theatres. 

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Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com


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