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Arnold Schwarzenegger

G'day Hollywood, Aussiewood and internet entertainment news tragics. Huge entertainment news for the vast and loyal following today with talk circulating from Bondi Beach to Los Angeles that The Governator - Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back (in the movies). That's right! The rumors and hints have been around for over a year now, with Arnie often seen in public with action hero mate and Gambling911 - Media Man favorite, Sylvester Stallone, and who can forget his awesome performance in The Expendables. Media Man  and Gambling911 take on the machines and do the ring around in Hollywood in order to bring you this very special report...

The world is almost begging Arnie to make a full time ish return to the movies. At least that's the buzz down under in Australia and from a growing number of the American public and Hollywood movie executives. Some passionate Arnie fans are even having bets with their mates on if will will return, how soon, and in what movies!

"I'll be back". Yeah, we know, you've heard it before, but this time it's on the cards and looking like a safe bet from all angles. Those close advise he's got the fire in the belly, much like the type Aussie gambling tycoon James Packer got, seeing 'Our James' returning to the television spectrum.

Politically and in a business and all round timing aspect in makes good sense.  Let's see, its only next week when California will elect a new governor. Some say it can't happen soon enough. So, in 2 months Arnie will be available for opportunities that take his fancy.

Schwarzenegger, now a great looking 63, doesn't appear to be after the job of U.S President. We mean, who the heck would want that job these days. His bio and CV is world class all the way and sports titles and attributes such as Mr Universe body builder champion, politician, environmental campaigner, movie star and philanthropist.

Hollywood types and political analysts reckon he time is about right for Arnie to lay his cards on the table and make his move - big splash fashion, for the most impact. Long time mate and associate Stallone is understood to be assisting him with strategy (and sourcing the right opportunities).

Veteran Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman was happy to go on record with "People still love Arnold. He can choose whatever he wants. He's got nothing left to prove, all the money in the world and the world of choices available to him".

In his response to the "what next?" question, Schwarzenegger said in well circulated "Tweetcast" last week that he planned to give speeches, write a book or two, and continue fighting for the environment.

Movies? "It depends ... if someone comes with a great script, with a great idea. Will I still have the patience to sit on the set and do a movie for three months or for six months, all of those things? I don't know," he said.

He teased us be announcing that he recently met with Terminator and Avatar director James Cameron, and would make some sort of an announcement soon!!!

The Republican "Governator" is to conclude his lucky 7 years in office with only a 22% popularity rating among Californians. Sounds like the sort of numbers Australia's Senator Stephen Conroy gets for popularity (Not - Borat speak). His star power and money making potential appears not damaged by his time in politics, which included some impressive and not so impressive happenings.

It's been understood that his Austrian birth rules out a go as US president, not that he would want it anymore, but one political analyst Allan Hoffenblum actually sees a possible appointment in the Obama administration, perhaps on an environmental front.

"I think that is a very viable possibility, especially if Obama does badly in the November congressional elections, he may want to reach out to moderate Republicans," Hoffenblum said.

Elective politics is likely not on his horizon, pundits said. The highest Schwarzenegger can go now is the US Senate, but an opening may be two years away, assuming California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein decides to step down.

Schwarzenegger would have no trouble being hired by Hollywood, be it part time, full time or other. He is still fit and resuming action roles would be "like riding a bike", industry leaks whispered.

A Media Man spokesperson said "Its amazing. There has been a massive upswell in support of Arnie returning to Hollywood, namely for his action movie genre many grew up on. The rebirth of Arnie came around the same time word leaked that he would be teaming up with Stallone in The Expendables, and as they say, the rest is history. Another Expendables movie is being planned, more Expendables games, and Arnie is sounding more and more like he wants more of the action. Most of the public and Hollywood want him back in the action too."

Greg Tingle is a Special Contributor to the Gambling911.com website.

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