2013 Oscar Predictions From Carrie Stroup

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Carrie Stroup
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2013 Oscar Predictions From Carrie Stroup

This is Carrie Stroup and Gambling911.com has your 2013 Oscar predictions.  It’s not just about who is going to win but at what price one will pay when it comes to betting on this year’s Oscars.  This is the single most wagered annual non-sporting event bar none with odds available at Sportsbook.com, which was offering a FREE $100 BET when joining here. 


For example, I can tell you, without a single shred of doubt, that Daniel Day-Lewis will win an Oscar for Best Actor and Anne Hathaway will take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Don’t expect to become rich taking advantage of my “guaranteed” winning 2013 Oscar predictions for either of these two categories.

You’d have to bet $200 just to win $10 on Hathaway and $300 to win $10 on Daniel Day-Lewis The original wager amount of course is refunded should either win.  But $10 with a $200 or $300 risk?  No way, Jose!

One thing to keep in mind when betting on the Oscars – big favorites have always won ever since I’ve been covering the Academy Awards wagering scene online.

That said, I can’t help but really like “Lincoln” as a 4/1 underdog to win Best Picture.  This, after all, was the Even-odds favourite early on.   “Argo” is coming in with 1/8 odds as the favourite.  It can’t hurt to bet $10 on “Lincoln” to win $40.  If ever there was a time to go against a solid trend, this might be it.  The odds on “Argo” were cemented in more honors being bestowed upon the film leading up to the Oscar ballot submission deadline.

For Best Actress, it was just this past week that Jennifer Lawrence appeared to be a “lock” for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook”.  Her odds have since improved…where the bettor is concerned.  Sportsbook.com had Lawrence at 1/2 odds.

The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor should go to Tommy Lee Jones for “Lincoln” and he has value due to some tighter competition in this category.  Jones would pay slightly better than EVEN odds.  And, for the record, it is now Christoph Waltz for “Diango Unchained” who is the favourite to win Best Supporting Actor.

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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