2011 Academy Awards Betting Odds

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Carrie Stroup
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2011 Academy Awards Betting Odds

Now that the nominations are in, the 2011 Academy Awards betting odds are available as well with some pretty lofty favorites. 

While the risk vs. rewards ratio may be high, favorites typically win nine out of ten times.

Savvy gamblers can expect to make small profits by understanding the amount of risk required.  The more risk, the greater the reward.  Keep in mind that when it comes to Academy Awards betting, maximum wager caps are often placed (such as the maximum bet amount being $500 for each category at some online gambling websites). 

All 2011 Academy Awards betting odds can be found at Sportsbook.com.  They were in the process of updating as of Tuesday morning.  Once the bets are placed, those odds are locked in.

With that said, here were your favorites to win the 2011 Academy Awards.

“Best Picture” – The Social Network.  At -500, this film would be considered a mild “lock”.  Its chances of winning are good and the risk low when compared to other categories.  $50 pays out $10.  A $100 bet pays out $20.  Note that all winning bets are refunded of course. 

“Best Actor” has Colin Firth as a huge “extreme lock” favorite of -2000, which means that a $200 bet would pay out a mere $10.

“Best Actress” – Natalie Portman was the -800 fav.  $80 pays out $10.  $800 pays $100.  In terms of Oscar betting, Portman could be considered a “steal”, but she’s not quite the “lock” that Firth is.

“Best Director” - David Fincher for The Social Network was at -1500.

“Best Supporting Actor” - Christian Bale for The Fighter was the -1000 favorite and would pay out $10 for every $100 bet.

“Best Supporting Actress” was up for grabs with Melissa Leo the official favorite for The Fighter, but her odds were a mere -300, which means that others in this category stand a good chance of winning as well.  If you want to bet the other big favorites, it might not be wise to wager on Leo being you could end up losing much of your small profit.  Just something to think about.

If you are looking at nominal risk and a much sweeter reward, Leo might be the perfect bet.  Just don’t wager on the other favorites.  A $100 bet on Leo would pay just over $30 should she win.

Updated betting odds were to be published at Sportsbook.com shortly here.

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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