2010 Super Bowl Commercials: Bet On The Highest Rated

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2010 Super Bowl Commercials

Besides the game itself, the 2010 Super Bowl commercials are looking to be among the most controversial in quite some time.  There is a Tim Tebow Mom abortion spot running that CBS will not pull.  Once again, they pulled a sleazy GoDaddy.com advertisement, which seems to happen annually.  GoDaddy.com is the same registrar that practically handed over a couple of online gambling domains to the commonwealth of Kentucky before the industry could come in and ensure a positive decision in that matter.  Nobody in the online gambling sector is crying over their ad being pulled. 

But enough about GoDaddy.com.  In addition to all those fine Super Bowl 2010 betting props that are out there, the folks at Bookmaker.com are now offering odds on 2010 Super Bowl commercials and which will be rated highest based on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.

The favorite: Anheuser Busch, which would pay out $90 for every $10 bet.  Considering they do have some of the funniest commercials, that might be a pretty good bet.

Levi Strauss and Dockers Brand, Disney and Yum! Brands all came in around 11/1 odds.

Ever since Mean Joe Green threw that kid a Coke during one of the most heralded Super Bowl commercials of all time, the championship game has become a gold mine...mainly for the network that carries the game.  Commercials airing during the Super Bowl are very expensive and it is not unusual to have lesser established companies (i.e. dotcoms) fail one year later after blowing most of their ad budgets to appear during the game.

"THE Federal Reserve Board may want to scrutinize another statistic to gauge the health of the economy: demand for ads during Super Bowls," suggests Stuart Elliot of the New York Times.  This year's Super Bowl ad space had just about sold out. 

By contrast, at this point in 2009, when NBC was selling spots to be shown during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1, considerably more time remained unsold.

"Last year, time was being sold entering into a recession," Mr. McClintock said. "This year, it's being sold apparently coming out of one."

Most of these Super Bowl commercials will inevitably be duds.

The pundits can discuss eTrade talking babies and cowboys herding sheep all they want, there are only a few true classics among the Super Bowl commercials airing the past few decades.

Aside from the Mean Joe Green commercial, there was the Big Brother Apple 1984 spot, that annoying but memorable Budweiser Wazzzzzzzzuppppp commercial, and another Budweiser spot featuring funny talking frogs. 

Place your bet on the best 2010 Super Bowl Commercials here at the world's most established online sportsbook, Bookmaker.com.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor


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