2008 Miss Universe Winner: Favorite Wins But Payout Still Good

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C Costigan
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Regardless of who the 2008 Miss Universe winner would be - a payout of at least $500 was all but guaranteed for every $100 bet at online gambling websites the likes of  Sportsbook.com.. The 2008 Miss Universe winner was Miss Venezuela - the favorite.  The oddsmakers got this one right.

The online gambling public jumped all over the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant betting after last year's contest yielded one of the biggest payouts in wagering history. Miss Japan won as a huge underdog.

Even with the remaining 10 announced, gamblers around the globe were drooling with the likes of Miss Spain, Miss Italy and Miss Russia still standing and promising a 33/1 payout. Miss Italy had become one of the biggest movers in terms of odds over recent days.

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