10 Great Years of Gambling911: Hasidic Sex With Woo

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In September 2005, our own Jenny Woo taught the world something they might never have known...and it had absolutely nothing to do with gambling but certainly got loads of Web searches.

Actually, Woo was pointing out all the hotties she would like to have had sex with at the time of publication (this was before Doyle Brunson came onto the online scene).  Many, like Kent Chua (Who the F***?), have come and gone.  Others like Marc Lesnick have stuck things out.  He'll be hosting the Amsterdam Affiliate Convention in the next few months.

Jenny at the time had discovered that Marc had an Asian girlfriend named Ping.

My editor was preparing for bed one night when Marc Lesnick, a renowned conference organizer in his own right, called and said that he had a friend stranded in Miami due to snow storms up north and could my editor house her in his swank Miami Beach crib.  Turns out she was a hot Asian like me.  Had I known this story last time I saw Marc in Amsterdam, we could have been sampling on Wontons and noodles all night.  Marc being Jewish and all I would have gone for the moth balls soup and Acheira.  And here I am thinking Marc cut a hole in the sheet and did it with some unshaven unshowered Hasidic woman fresh out of Yentl.  Somebody find a Rabbi!

Jenny is always a hoot but the funniest part about this blurb is that Gambling911.com soon turned up in Google searches for "Hasidic Sex", "Hasidic Hole Sheet" and "Sex With Unshowered Hasidic Woman".Gambling911.com is now celebrating 10 great years on the Web.

It should be noted that Hasidic men do not have sex through holes cut in sheets.

According to urban legend, this silly rumor got started in the ghettos of Europe, where some people saw the four-cornered garments with fringes (which do have a hole in the middle for the head) hanging on the wash line. They didn't know what they were for, so their imaginations took over...Hasidism -- and Judaism in general -- regards sex as a natural and beautiful thing, so long as it remains between spouses in privacy. The fact that Hasidim tend to have a lot of children should tell you that we have nothing against sex! They do, however, object to seeing intimate moments and bare bodies in movies and billboards, because they feel it cheapens something that is sacred and private.

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