Why eSports Operators Should Start Considering the BSV Blockchain

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Alejandro Botticelli
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Speaking at this week's CoinGeek New York, Tyler Farnsworth, CMO of Built by Gamers, revealed that gaming revenues have already exceeded that of the sports and film industry combined, and the BSV Blockchain is expected to play a major role in the continued explosive growth.

"Gaming is pushing our culture forward," Farnsworth says.  "Gaming is hard, it's challenging.  A gamer is somebody that wants to master their craft."

In order to create an engaged gaming community Farnsworth points to Built By Gamers teaming up with the BSV Blockchain. 

"This will help us elevate above the competition," he told the spellbound crowd in attendance at the Sheraton Times Square.

Bitcoin SV claims to be the only entity in the digital currency space that has the plan for a stable protocol and plan for massive on-chain scaling as a means of becoming the world’s new money and the global public blockchain for enterprise. This is critical to ignite the future of bCommerce and create a profitable ecosystem for all Bitcoin industry participants.

Built By Gamers is a Phoenix-based enterprise that seeks to build competitive teams across esports while connecting as many fans as possible.  They already have over 10 million gamers engaging.

"We think we will completely shatter expectations," Farnsworth said in regard to his organization teaming up with the BSV Blockchain. "We will have better access to games, create sticky relationships and develop a loyal fan base."

Most importantly, he adds, they will "be able to overcome barriers that exist for micropayments."

One of the advantages of Bitcoin SV is that it is the only blockchain effectively able to serve as a fast and cost-effective payments rail. With an unlimited number of transactions able to be processed with each block, Bitcoin SV can keep transactions moving at a low-fixed rate of just fractions of a cent, while ensuring swift settlement with each new block added to the chain.

The functionalities of Bitcoin SV not only enable it to serve as a payment rail in the traditional sense, but also opens up new possibilities for businesses through micropayments. By paring down transaction fees to fractions of a cent, payments as small as a few cents become viable, establishing a new digital economy in which whole new avenues of monetization are available to businesses.

"We are building a fan engagement platform that offers rewards for watch time, how much time interacting with players," Farsnworth says.

David Case, CTO, FYX Gaming, believes the BSV Blockchain ensures this type of engagement.  His company acts as an eSports infrastructure and technology provider that develops and implements blockchain technologies. FYX uses the Bitcoin SV (BSV).

"We want to take digital consumers into a free dimension.  Blockchain eSports offers the ability to reward fan engagement with NFTs or cryptocurrency."

Case's company used to rely on Ethereum and, like so many before him, realized it had limited potential.

"There really was no other option (for us) other than BSV," he told the audience.  "Ethereum was easy to get up and going but we quickly realized the volume would fill up the whole chain.  There were just too many issues.  BSV didn't have these issues and readily solved our problems."

Farnsworth agreed, saying it all comes down to scalability.

"It would be cost prohibited to make it happen on another chain."

- Alejandro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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