Dune Part 2 Weekend Box Office Betting Odds: Early Reactions 'Jaw Dropping'

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Jordan Bach
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It's not often that sequels turn out better than the original. The Godfather 2, Silence of the Lambs, Bride of Frankenstein perhaps each come to mind.  Then there is Dune 2.


Weekend box office odds were not yet available at BetUS (watch for them here) but that online gambling site does have Dune 2 paying out $1000 should it have the biggest opening box office weekend of any film in 2024.

Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune: Part 2 is the followup to the Dune film released in 2021. It was unveiled to journalists this week.

“‘Dune: Part Two‘ is damn impressive,” wrote The Playlist’s Gregory Ellwood. “Villeneuve crafts some truly VISIONARY moments. Austin Butler gives a truly transformative performance (and not talking makeup either). Very moving ending. A wee bit long? Yes. Did I forget I saw it the next day? Yes. Still, gonna be massive.”

Film critic Hoai-Tran Bui called the film “a triumph,” adding: “Even more immense than the first, but much more intimate — Denis Villeneuve manages to streamline the more alienating second half of the book into a riveting, action-packed epic. TWO TOWERS-level mastery of battle sequences. Zendaya is the star.”

“Incredible filmmaking,” wrote Collider’s Steven Weintraub. “Brilliant score. Entire cast was excellent. My only complaint was I wish it was longer. Not joking around. The movie is 2hr and 40 min(?) and I would have been happy to watch another hour.”

The film is set to open March 1.

Box Office Opening Weekend Betting Odds 2024

*All odds courtesy of BetUS here

Despicable Me 4         pays $40 for every $10 bet
Deadpool 3         pays $20 for every $10 bet
Inside Out 2         pays $140 for every $10 bet
Kung Fu Panda 4         pays $60 for every $10 bet
Madame Web         pays $200 for every $10 bet
Joker 2         pays $12.50 for every $10 bet
Mufasa         pays $70 for every $10 bet
Sonic 3         pays $160 for every $10 bet
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2         pays $220 for every $10 bet
Dune: Part 2         +1000

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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