Drake New Album Betting Odds Include Over, Under Number of Streams, Tracks, Cover Art

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On Monday evening, Bobbi Althoff, the presenter of "The Really Good Podcast," hinted at major announcement next week. This came shortly after she removed the Drake interview from her YouTube channel, despite having attended his concert the previous night.


In an intriguing turn of events, both Drake and Bobbi chose to unfollow each other on social media. This sequence of actions has raised suspicions of a potential publicity stunt. Or, perhaps, there was a falling out between the two.

Or...just maybe...Althoff is going to drop some alpha on Drake's upcoming album, which is expected to be released in the next few months.

We posted some fun odds around all the Drake drama because some of us are big fans of the Canadian artist. Customers can wager on how many millions of streams Drake's new record will garner in the first week, what will be on the album cover, what will be said in the first track and who will be featured as a guest artist.

Additionally, we set odds on Althoff's next interviewee, and Jay-Z is the favorite, followed by YNW Melly and Kayne West.

How many streams will Drake's new album have during first week?

Over/Under 747 million


What will be on the new Drake album cover?              

Drake with dog mask                 +180

Text only                                  +280

Doberman                                +380

Any other breed of dog             +600

Single person, not Drake           +800


How many tracks will be on Drake's new album?                     

Over/Under 16.5 songs


What will be the first word said on first track of Drake's new album?               

Kanye/Ye                      +400

Kardashian                   +450

Adonis                          +600

Aubrey                         +600

Dogs                             +600

Drake                           +600

Biden                           +800

Titles                            +800

Trump                          +800

Nicki                             +1000

Canada                         +1200

Graham                        +1400

Welcome                      +1400

Bobbi                           +5000


Who will be a guest artist on Drake's new album?                    

Kenza Samir                  -300

21 Savage                     -200

Birdman                       -150

Ty Dolla $ign                 -100

Future                          +100

JAY-Z                            +100

Lil Wayne                     +100

Travis Scott                   +100

Young Thug                  +100

BSlime                          +150

Pusha T                        +400

Kanye West                  +500


Who will be Bobbi Althoff's next interview?                 

JAY-Z                            +250

YNW Melly                   +300

Kanye West                  +400

Pusha T                        +600

Young Thug                  +800

DMX                             +1000

Drake                           +1000

XXXTentacion               +1000

Soulja Boy                     +1400

Elon Musk                    +2000

Donald Trump               +2500

Tom Brady                    +2500

Mark Zuckerberg           +3300

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