Do Bookies Always Win?

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Aaron Goldstein
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When it comes to casinos or other gambling establishments, you've probably heard the saying "The house always wins".


This is true over time but is not necessarily the case when applied to individual gamblers.  The bookie must be cognizant of this fact.  It is important when using a Pay Per Head platform, monitoring tools are a must.  The house ONLY wins through proper player management.

Why do Bookie Always Win

Under proper management, the right staff and strong financial backing a bookie will always win.  This is because they have the financial backing to outlast their players.  However, in order to do that, they have to implement and follow certain rules to their business model.

Using Expert Help

Using Expert HelpOther then strong financial backing, having expert sports handicappers on staff is the key to their success.  This is because the odds they set reflect both the probabilities of an event and how they believe players will bet. In addition, they change the odds according to the betting market to insure a profit regardless of the outcome of the game.

Thus, they always make sure that the odds are even on both sides to make money from the commission.  And this is how bookies make money!

In addition, having a good risk management team is also an invaluable part of a successful bookie operation. A good risk manager will ban or limit a successful sports bettor.  They look for players that have systematic betting systems, arbitrage players and of course, players that abuse promotions and bonuses. Thus, they pay winning players off and kick them out or lower their betting limits to avoid taking heavy losses.

Strong Financial Backing

Having strong financial backing does improve your odds of being a successful bookie. This is because if a player consistently plays with them, on the long run, the odds will favor the sportsbook.

However, it is possible to be successful bookie without a lot of money thanks to bookie pay per head services.  For example, PricePerPlayer.com gives you all the tools to open a successful gambling website for only $5 per player.

Thus, you do not need to pay for a sport betting platform, expert staff and an expensive infrastructure.  Instead, bookies only have to worry about finding and managing players.

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