Confidential FBI Source Calls Resorts World Vegas Sleuth David Wheatley a 'Dope' Amidst Scandal

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Nagesh Rath
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Everybody seems to be following our coverage of the ongoing investigation into high ranking executives at various casino firms throughout Las Vegas, making it one of the biggest stories of the year by far. In short, certain employees are alleged to have used casino assets to pay back debts to a Southern California bookie, Wayne Nix.  All are presumed to be innocent...for now anyway.


High-stakes gambler-turned-FBI confidential source R.J. Cipriani (Robin Hood 702 on X) may believe there is a special place in Hell for those execs tied to Resorts World. At least that's what we are lead to believe reading his popular X feed.

Cipriani was warning of an ongoing investigation and local media outlets (the Las Vegas Review Journal not among them) have backed up these reports.  He told us that one senior official left his role and was quickly able to confirm this to be the case.  No explanation provided as to the reason for that individual's termination.

Cipriani regularly implies there are all types of shenanigans going on at Resorts World.  That casino venue is a leisure, hospitality and casino franchise owned by the Genting Group, a Malaysian conglomerate.  The first integrated resort built on the Las Vegas Strip in more than a decade unites three Hilton brands along with A-list residencies and entertainment, all across a sprawling 88-acre complex.

Cipriani tweeted this week in regard to the Hilton connection:

"Does Christopher J. Nassetta, the President and Chief Executive Officer for Hilton, know what's going on at Resorts World Las Vegas??? Do they know about Sibella?? Resorts World put the Hilton brand at risk. Hilton has been around since May 31, 1919."

He also questioned how a "sleuth" could be working at Resorts World and not seem to have a clue what, if anything, is really going on there.

Specifically he is speaking of one David Wheatley, Investigations Manager for Resorts World Las Vegas.  Cipriani makes reference to that casino company's former President, Scott Sibella, who Resorts World sacked last week.

How did Investigations Manager David Wheatley, former LVMPD, get his job? Guess who? How did he miss what Sibella was doing at Resorts World? Did he know and protect Sibella??? Does everyone feel safe knowing what else did this SUPER Sleuth dope miss at Resorts World?

To be fair, we don't know what, if any, role Mr. Wheatley played in Sibella's dismissal.  It could be that he was heavily immersed in the probe of Sibella amidst allegations of "violating company policies".  It's not clear why Cipriani would think otherwise.

Wheatley is yet to make a public comment in reference to this matter and we would certainly welcome him to contact to clear the air.  Inquiring minds in the gaming sector will certainly want to know what he knew.

None of this bodes well for MGM either, a company that is still reeling from a massive cyber attack last week.  Sibella's dismissal from Resorts World may jeopardize MGM's hopes to secure a NYC casino license amid allegations of his unlawful activities.  Sibella spent eight years as president of MGM Grand before joining Resorts World.

- Nagesh Rath,

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