Coronation Bets Include Harry, Megan, Middleton and More

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( News Wire) - In the early hours of Saturday, May 6, some of the U.S. audience will tune in to watch the coronation of King Charles III, along with any potential conflicts between Prince Harry and the royal family.  Be advised that all bets should be placed before 5 am ET Saturday May 6.


Harry has been invited and confirmed attendance (and extended an invitation to another interesting guest), but his wife, Megan Markle, will not be making the trip across the pond.

The betting props created around this rare event are as juicy as the royal drama. Where will Harry sit? Which celebrity will be shown first? What color dress will Kate Middleton wear?

Those questions and more are answered in the form of odds from, which you can find below.

Which row will Prince Harry sit in?                   

Row 1               1-4

Rows 2-4          4-1

Row 5+             8-1


Who will be mentioned first during broadcast?            

Megan Markle              1-1

Princess Diana              5-7


Who will be shown first during the ceremony?             

Jill Biden                       3-2

Lionel Richie                 3-1

David Beckham             4-1

Katy Perry                     4-1

Rishi Sunak                   6-1


Kate Middleton's Primary Dress Color              

Blue                 2-3

Green               9-2

Pink/Red          6-1

White/Cream    6-1

Yellow              6-1

Black                10-1


Primary Color of Prince William's Tie                

Blue                 1-1

Yellow              2-1

Green               4-1

Red/Pink          5-1

- News Wire

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