Trending for Saturday June 5, 2010

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Jenny Woo
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Jenny Woo here with the Trending report for the past 48 hours.  I just wanted to advise everyone that we have added a new and fun feature to our Facebook page.  It's a look at some of the unusual searches coming into the website.  I think you'll find many of these quite humorous.  Did you know we rank #9 on Bing for "Forced to Take Clothes Off"?

If you have been following the trending buzz over the past 48 hours you'd find that has enjoyed significant traffic for both the Belmont Stakes (race time 6 pm EST Saturday June 5 - today) and the Joran van der Sloot murder investigation. 

Gambling911 ranks well for Belmont Stakes-related search terms and this is a very sizeable betting event.  The van der Sloot story is big in the poker world since the murder suspect was in Lima, Peru to watch the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT).  The stabbing of a young woman occurred in his Lima hotel room. was mentioned in an El Oficio newspaper article with the headline "I Consider Myself a Good Looking Guy But The Ladies Don't Want To Be With Me".  Yeah, uh....Dude... you're a suspected killer of a recent High School grad in 2005, Natalie Holloway.  Not exactly my idea of the perfect date.

The Belmont Stakes is driving plenty of solid traffic our way.  We have been ranking well for such top terms as Belmont Stakes 2010, Belmont Stakes Odds and Belmont Stakes Contenders and, as such, grabbing a good chunk of the Belmont Stakes betting market.

Elsewhere, some World Cup and NBA Finals traffic has been coming in these past 48 hours, though nothing particularly significant compared to the search queries mentioned above.

The aforementioned El Comercio newspaper website was remarkably our third biggest referrer over the past 48 hours after Google and Bing.  Google Canada, Google News and Google UK followed.  AOL Search and the Two Plus Two posting forum also brought in some decent traffic on Friday.

US traffic was a whopping 68 percent in the last 48 hours, that was up 3 percent.  Canadian traffic was nearly 7 percent.  Australia and the UK brought in unusually low percentage of traffic at near 5 percent each.  Peru managed to represent some 2 percent of's overall traffic for the past 48 hours.  We anticipate a 55/45 ratio in US vs. International traffic over the coming month due to the FIFA World Cup.  32 percent of's traffic over the last 48 hours originated from outside the United States, which is an usually low number mainly because of the heavy amount of searches coming in for the Belmont Stakes, a US horse race.

Jenny Woo, Senior International Correspondent

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