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This past weekend, traffic was way up over the typical Saturday/Sunday average thanks to the all-important Preakness Stakes.  While nowhere near the amount of traffic as May 1st Kentucky Derby (this year's second busiest readership day after the Super Bowl), the Preakness Stakes is considered by to be a major sporting event that receives premium coverage.  

Pawn Stars has been among the most trended topics at throughout the past couple of days.  This is the uber popular cable television show that focuses on a Las Vegas pawn shop.  Doesn't sound especially glamorous but people are eating it up as the first season comes to a close.  Our own Thomas Somach featured a story entitled Pawn Stars Vegas Reality Star Is A Real Conman that has been on fire.  One only needs to check out the comments below the article to see how popular (or perhaps unpopular) this article has been since its publication all the way back in January. 

The Miss USA Pageant came and went with a thump and not a whole lot of betting interest when compared to the powerful Miss Universe and Miss World competitions.  It was the post-pageant doings that attracted many readers.  Anything related to the winner Miss Michigan Rima Fakih and throw in some pole dancing, these trended quite well both Monday and Tuesday.

NBA Conference Finals traffic has been lukewarm at best all things considered.  All things Lebron James, especially as it relates to his possible trade, have enjoyed significant traction in recent days.  Trending is up and down over this period.'s coverage of Lebron is mentioned at the New York Daily News online.  Benefitting significantly from this coverage is, which continues to offer odds on where Lebron will end up.

Elsewhere, Rep Spencer Bachus demeaning comments about online poker being the crack cocaine of online gambling has enjoyed great traction.

FIFA World Cup 2010 and Vin Diesel's Sexuality continue to trend steadily throughout the week.

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Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor 


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