Bills vs. Titans Betting, UFC 101 Hot

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Bills vs. Titans Betting

In addition to's extensive coverage of Thursday's indictment into Douglas Rennick, an online gambling payment processor who could face over 50 years in prison if the US Attorneys Office out of the Southern District of New York has its way with him, the other hot reads heading into this weekend related to sports.

Specifically, the Bills vs. Titans game is generating heavy betting action and plenty of buzz.  The Hall of Fame game will be played out on Sunday.  It's difficult to gage whether this is just people hungry to start betting on football during the pre-season or if the Terrell Owens factor is coming into play.  He was traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Buffalo Bills during the offseason.  The Bills typically enjoy a rather substantial fan base.  Betting on the Bills vs. Titans can be found at

Another pleasant surprise is UFC 101.  While hardly delivering gang buster traffic, it is certainly significant and a vast improvement over pre-UFC 100.  That last event attracted the most sports bettors ever to a UFC Mixed Martial Arts event.

Other hot stories of the week included Michael Vick potentially landing in Green Bay.  This, by the way, was our most read article on Thursday even with's extensive coverage of the indictment.  Senator Menendez' introduction of a new online poker bill has also generated a good number of readers.

Surprisingly, the 2009 PGA Championship is yet to attract significant readership.  This is unusual since other Major golf events have always enjoyed decent search inquiries the week leading up to the tournament.

Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor


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