Check Your Limits Before the Start of a New Season

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For the bookie, the betting season never really ends and for many, the seasons are relentless. In this day and age the bettors want action and they want it now.

If you don’t offer it, they will demand it. If you don’t supply it, they will take their business to a bookie that will accommodate their needs. Never forget that you are certainly not the only guy in town! Knowing your limits and what you can offer your clients is the first and foremost important matter of business on your agenda. Remember that you can always use the help that comes with a pph service.  Scroll Down

  • As mentioned, the seasons all run together and there is simply not much of a break in the action. In days gone by, bettors would bet heavily on college basketball and then the season would die until American football started in September. This is simply not the case anymore. Bettors bet on baseball, they bet on Philippine basketball, and they bet on tennis, they bet on NASCAR, golf and they bet it all. Prepare yourself for an all-out onslaught of betting action and be prepared for each season by checking your limits.

Be tight fisted in the budget sense, but don’t be frugal!

  • When it comes to budgeting, set limits on each sport and each game and each prop line.
  • Know how much you will take on a side, on any given sport
  • Know how much you will take on totals and team totals.
  • Do not think of team totals as a prop line. This is a side to you, and you should offer it as often as possible but check your limits.
  • By offering a wide variety of ways to bet, you will be thought of as the bookie “that takes it all”. That’s what you want your players to think. You want them to trust you and you want them to keep playing with you.

How many sports should you offer?

  • Don’t just offer the sports that you know. Yes, offer them first, however, learn what sports your clients are asking for and offer them but offer them with limits within your budget. Take advantage of pay per head services that do the heavy lifting for you. You may have a client that deposits $1000 and they bet on baseball, their habits are to bet $110 per game, all of a sudden, they decide to bet $500 on the side, total, or run line, that’s a red flag. Set their limits beforehand. Talk to them, be honest and upfront with them. If you are honest out of the gate with a new client, they will trust you.
  • Offer as many sports as you are comfortable with but be responsible. Set a budget for yourself just as a bettor would do and set the limits early. When new clients come on board, set the limits at sign up, you want no surprises and neither do they.
  • The worst thing that can happen to your bookie business is a failure to set limits at the start of a season and then you get hit, and hit hard by more than one client. Know the sports and know the limits for each sport and for each client.

Setting limits before the start of each new season is mandatory if you care about your bottom line. What bookie doesn’t want to win money? What bookie doesn’t have big dreams of making it big? Of course, you do. This is the very reason you get into this business. You should think big, but you must be reasonable and know your limits.

  • There is a big difference in what limits you set between the various sports.
  • The “Big 4 “are often different. The NHL, NBA, MLB and the NFL are often more predictable, and your limits are much easier to set according to the deposit patterns of your client.
  • Know your client, set limits accordingly. We have said this before and we say it again because it’s the most important thing you will do as a bookie.
  • You can’t possibly set limits without qualifying your client. Qualifying them means knowing what their deposit patterns are and knowing what limits to set for what sports, what prop lines, and what games.

Most of all, have fun! This is what you do, and this is how you earn a living and hopefully, you are making a great living. Having a great support system in place is always a key to success, so, if you are not currently operating under the blanket of a pay per head, then look into it. A pay per head does it all and they will help you when it comes to setting limits. They have been in the business a long time and have the experience to make you successful.

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