Can Stanford Cover the Spread vs. Colorado Friday Night?

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Don Shapiro
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Are we over the Buffs yet?  Evidentally not!  The betting public is all over Colorado at an 85% to 87% clip as of Friday morning as they host Stanford. 


This wasn't a heavily wagered on game pre-Noon ET as around $70K of the action was on Colorado compared to just $15K on Stanford. 

It's still lopsided.  The target number is 11.56 (Sagarin) and that's exactly where we are at.  This one has moved from 11.5 to 12 favoring the Buffaloes. 

More importantly perhaps, oddsmakers have touched the 11 at times for very brief periods before jumping quickly back to 11.5.  Circa shifted to the 11 on three occasions.  The first two times they moved off that number within a minute.  On Thursday they were holding at 11 for nearly five hours before moving back to 12.5, which they've been sitting on for nearly 24 hours. Bookmaker also moved to the 12 but most books were still sitting on the 11.5 as of Friday morning.  Recreational book Bovada was one that moved to the 12.5 as well. 

Remember, this game goes off Friday night.  That's likely going to be the trend throughout the afternoon Friday. 

Before pulling the trigger here on Stanford (we are not recommending a bet on Colorado Against The Spread), watch to see if books like Pinnacle, Circa and Bookmaker dip back down to 12 and 11.5 if action is still heavy on the Buffs.  This could be an indication they believe Stanford is going to cover.  We of course will do the work for you in monitoring the line movement and action here.

Stanford has a single win and is 2-3 Against The Spread. Colorado is 4-2 SU, 3-2-1 ATS.  The old Buffs did beat Stanford in 2020, the last time these teams played one another.

- Don Shapiro,

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