Zero Cost Pay Per Head

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A zero cost Pay Per Head refers to the free trial period offered by many Pay Per Head websites that allows bookies and agents to determine suitability prior to making a commitment.

The concept is beginning to catch on across the Pay Per Head sector with PremierPerHead leading the way. The focus is heavy on marketing and Search Engine Optimization, hence, sites like PremierPerHead do not mind giving things away, especially if it means a customer (and his or her own customers by default) for life.

With PremierPerHead turnkey DGS platform, you get all the tools to manage your players and their picks like a pro, including, but not limited to:

   •     Real-time, 24/7 snapshot of your status

   •     Offer the sharpest, up-to-date lines in sports

   •     Choose the sports and events you will offer

   •     Set limits by sport and wager type

   •     Set rules on parlays and teasers

   •     Use real-time reporting on players, winnings, and losses

         •        Superior infrastructure and redundancy guarantee 99.99% up-time

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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