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I have been an agent booking action in this industry for 5 years, and I have been making 6 figures for the last four years but it was not always like that. When I first started I was using a pay per head service that my friend recommended. It started off pretty smooth however once the NFL season began then it became quite a nightmare.

Obviously, for a North American bookie, the NFL season is considered our high season, so it was especially important that my bettors were able to bet on Sundays during the NFL season. But the pay per head company I was using kept having issues with their website and was going down right before the 1 oíclock games on NFL Sundays. The first time it happened was the 2nd week of the NFL season and my players couldnít make a bet for 30 minutes prior to kickoff. My players were clearly upset and I had to accept some wagers by hand and then make some manual adjustments.

They ended up giving me a week free so that kind of softened the blow, and I appreciated the gesture. In terms of what went wrong, they said they received a DDoS attack on their server which was the cause of the site going down during the busiest time of the week for betting. They assured me that this was now handled and should not be an issue going forward. However 3 weeks later it happened again, and because of another DDoS attack. I threatened to leave so they once again gave me a free week and assured me it was fixed, but then it happened again a month later, so this meant I needed to go find another pay per head provider because I couldnít have my players using a website that was unreliable during the busiest betting times of the year.

After doing some research online I ended up finding AcePerHead.com because I read on their website that they specifically had an advanced 7-layer DDoS protection on their entire network to prevent these types of attacks from crashing the site during busy times. When I called them and asked about their service and asked them if they ever had downtime, they explained how their servers and network were protected. Honestly, the details are a bit over my head, but what was clear is that they regularly invest big time money on their systems to make sure their websites never had any down time.

As a result I decided to give them a try and will say that after using them for the past 4 years their website has never gone down on an NFL Sunday, and the only time the site has been down was during their once per year update which they notified me about beforehand and did on a Tuesday at 3am in the morning during summer baseball season, and it was back up by 7am the same morning.

In addition to having a very reliable website, they are also an honest company, which was surprising because this is not typically known to be an honest and straight forward industry. The reason I am pointing this out is because during my 2nd year using Ace Per Head I received a phone call from them saying that one of my players had just called them and was looking to be an agent with them.

First I was shocked that they were even able to find out that this person was a player under my sheet, however, they explained that they have specific procedures on setting up new agents specifically to catch situations where people try to branch off like this. As soon as they had his players' accounts and traced them back to my agency, they not only explained to him that they do not set up agents like this, without permission from the main agent, they also reached out to me. An Ace representative called me and explained this situation right away. If I had been with any other provider, I'd take any odds that they would've just signed this guy up, and he's have siphoned off the thirty of his friends that all played with me. Indeed they explained how common it is for sub-agents or even players to try and undercut their agent to steal players.

It was nice to know that at Ace these guys were always looking out for me, when they could have easily just taken the business for themselves. As a result, I was able to speak to my player and ending up making him a deal to be one of my subagents instead, that way he can earn a little bit extra money and then also give him the incentive to refer me more players, which he has done very well since we made this arrangement.

If you are looking for a reliable bookie management software website that takes website security and down time seriously, and also treats you with integrity above and beyond the standards of many of shops, I would definitely recommend these guys at Ace.

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