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C Costigan
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It is easy to find white label sportsbook software in the Southern Ohio area.

This is Ohio State Buckeyes Territory but with lots of Cavs fans as well as a good dose of Bengals, Browns and Steelers fans.

Southern Ohio represents a sizable population center with major cities including Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.  Columbus, in particular, could be considered more a part of Central Ohio.

A white label is defined as a product or service provided by a single company that is simply rebranded.  In the case of the white label sportsbook, a Pay Per Head company will supply all the customization including site design, lines, reports and more geared specifically towards the agent or bookmaker’s own business. The cost savings are significant.

Regional bookies and agents continue to struggle with both Penn State and the Philadelphia Eagles excelling in 2017.

One of the largest Pay Per Head companies on the planet, AcePerHead.com is a full service, 24/7 provider of online bookmaking software with odds on nearly every sport, monitored every second in order to be responsive to injury and trade news as well as sharp action coming in.   AcePerHead.com also offers LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING for all nationally televised games right up to the final second of play.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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