What is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Money While in College? Become a Bookie

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C Costigan
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College is a busy time in a young adultís life, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with all the class work and studying. Between going to class, studying and being a part of the campus social scene it also can be a very expensive experience as well. This often makes it very hard for college students to find time for at least a part-time job that can help them earn some money to pay for everything.

So the key is finding a job or way to make money that is easy and also is not time-consuming. Considering that college students do not have much real-world work experience, to begin with, this makes job options even more limited. This means it is best to look for more unconventional ways to earn money while attending college.

A great option to make easy and fast money that is often overlooked is to become a bookie and book action on sports. Also since this is now going to be legal in many states this is the perfect time to get involved in this lucrative business. Sports betting is a $150 billion dollar a year business and with the help of a pay per head service like www.AcePerHead.com, you can be up and running in minutes.

Ace Per Head offers a fully functioning website, and mobile website that has up to the second sports betting lines, race track odds,†virtual casino games†and Live Casino software that can be wagered on every day. Ace does all the work and their website is so easy to use and it keeps track of all balances and betting options. This means that all you have to do as a bookie is just get new players and collect money when the players lose.

Since college is full of young adult males that are sports fanatics it is a perfect situation to become a bookie and quickly and easily grow your business by getting new players. There are literally thousands of potential clients walking around campus each day. So with Ace doing all the technical work by posting thousands of betting lines each day, and grading everything immediately after the game ends this allows you to still have plenty of time to go to class, study and have a social life.

The best part is that AcePerHead.com offers all of this for a low price of $10 per active player a week, and nothing else. This means however much your players lose each week goes directly into your bankroll, which just means the more players you acquire than the more money you are going to earn. So call now at 1-800-909-5193 to get started with one of their many start-up promotions.

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