This Week's Gambling 911 Most Hated: Peter McCormack

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The visceral reaction to one Peter McCormack from the BSV Nation is something we rarely see to such a lopsided degree.

Last week, reported that McCormack had been ordered by a UK court to attend a hearing as a means of assessing his financial position following the failure to pay Dr. Craig Wright £90,000 he currently owes in relation to Dr. Wright’s defamation suit against him.

One BSV loyallst flat out called him a d******bag.  We've never met him and have no idea of his character personally.

McCormack in recent days has apparently quit Twitter, and that's probably a good thing judging by the responses to this article from the BSV Nation.

Calvin Ayre, one of the largest backers of the BSV Blockchain - chimed in on Friday via Twitter.

He wasn't always deplored by the masses.

The host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast and Chairman of Real Bedford FC, has had his supporters in years past.

"A rare beast in the digital world. Pragmatic, down to earth, and makes everything easy to understand.  A real pro. And a pleasure to work with," acknowledged John Townshend, Founder and Chair of NOW.

"Peter is not only brilliant, inspiring and unbelievably knowledgeable about all things digital, but he's also a total legend with an infectious and unquenchable enthusiasm," remarked Celia Garforth at Gp Strategy Director at Special Group.

The love for McCormack appears to have subsided post-2016 however.  That's the year many the world over began falling off the turnip truck it seems.

So what happened exactly?

Notable anti-BSV campaigner Peter McCormack used his influence to pressure financial channel Real Vision to delete tweets pointing to an interview with Unbounded Capital's leaders, Jon Southurst opined via CoinGeek back in January.  That article featured a jpeg image with the word "troll".

He was also photographed mocking BSV proponent Dr. Craig Wright, someone who suffers from "Autism Spectrum Disorder with high intellectual skills”.  I think we can all agree it is never nice to make fun of someone with a disability. 


McCormack does appear to be Enemy Number One with Mr. Ayre these days.

"McCormack was paid to be a moron...but the reality is...he really is a moron," Ayre said. "His only place in history will be cannon fodder in Satoshis fight to retain his legacy and IP. This is just the latest example of my point..Satoshi will win all cases as facts and science on his side."

Interesting enough, McCormack was one who seemed to support the notion that Wright is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's creator.  This was later proven in a Miami court back in December.

"Craig Wright submitted a crazy amount of evidence that he is Satoshi in my lawsuit," McCormack acknowledged via Twitter a few months back.

McCormack claims to be in debt to his attorneys in the neighborhood of £500k.  He must bring to court any and all documents in his control which might shed light on his finances, including pay slips, bank statements, share certificates, loan agreements, bills and more.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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