Weekend Parlays That Can Generate Your Sportsbook More Cash

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A great way for online bookie agents to increase action in their sportsbooks is to promote specific parlays. The reason to promote specific parlays is to control what parlays sports bettors play.

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4-Team Weekend Parlays

Agents only must offer a bonus in betting credits attached to the parlay to drum up interest in the parlay. Keep reading for games to use in this weekend’s 4-team promoted parlays

Saturday, April 28


  • Miami at Philadelphia
  • San Antonio at Golden State
  • Milwaukee at Boston

Every NBA game on Saturday should be difficult to handicap against the spread. The reason is because all games are NBA Playoff games.

Odds makers are often great at setting perfect betting lines on NBA Playoff games.

Pay per head agents shouldn’t hesitate to use any one of the 3 NBA games on April 28 in their weekend parlays.


  • Arizona at Washington
  • Detroit at Baltimore
  • L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco Game 1

The Arizona D’Backs are listed as starting Pat Corbin. He’s been great this season. Will he pitch well enough for the D’Backs to upset the Washington Nationals on the road?

Detroit starts Francisco Liriano. The Orioles start Kevin Gausman. Detroit at Baltimore should be a tough matchup on April 28.

Alex Wood takes the mound for the Dodgers versus the rival Giants and Johnny Cueto on Saturday.

That should be a tough game to handicap.

Sunday, April 29


  • Indiana at Cleveland
  • Utah at Oklahoma City
  • Minnesota at Houston
  • Washington at Toronto

Just like Saturday’s NBA Playoff games, pay per head agents should feel comfortable adding any NBA Playoff game on Sunday, April 29, into their promoted weekend parlays.

Spread betting odds should be fair in all 4 games above listed. Fair odds mean sports bettors must work to find the winner against the spread.


  • Milwaukee at Chicago Cubs
  • Arizona at Washington
  • NY Yankees at L.A. Angels

The Brewers start Zach Davies while Chicago sends Tyler Chatwood to the mound. Chatwood has a decent ERA. His record is 1 and 3. Arizona’s Robbie Ray battles Washington’s Gio Gonzalez on Sunday.

That game can go either way. Yankees’ listed starter CC Sabathia hasn’t pitched in past inning 5 in any of his starts yet this year. The Angels haven’t decided who’s starting for them on Sunday.

That makes this game even more difficult to handicap.

One more thing, pay per head agents should include at least one NHL Playoff game. So far, the only game scheduled is Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning. More games should be scheduled soon.

If not, make sure to add the one game that is scheduled.

NHL betting is tough because of the major sports leagues, the least amount of info is on NHL.

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