Ways to help you find the Right Sportsbook Pay Per Head

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Not all Pay Per Head operators are built the same.  Finding the right Sportsbook Pay Per Head is essential for any bookmaker or agent.

The best way to see if a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service is right for you is to try them out first.  The worst thing you can do is pay for a PPH without knowing what you are getting into. Thus, only use a company that offers a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Demo.

Another great way to Find the Right Sportsbook Pay Per Head is to thoroughly research all potential PPH services.  PricePerPlayer.com is one of the leaders in the PPH sector and endorsed by gambling911.com. 

A Sportsbook PPH Forum is also good source of information. This is because you can actually ask other bookies why they use a certain companies.  Furthermore, you can also ask questions about the type of gambling website that works best for them and why.

Finally, there is price.  PricePerPlayer.com can get you started at just $5 per customer.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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