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The time has come for agents to finally drop their bookie spreadsheets, there is an easier way to keep track of your player's wagers and win/loss, so move over excel the time of high-performance reporting is here.

Drop the Excel Sheet Altogether

At Ace Per Head we take pride in offering solutions that cut the work time and hassle of the agents who trust us to handle their packages, that is why we have worked so hard to expand our custom reports we have even gone as far as hiring full-time programmers and developers to add functionality to our services with the sole purpose of making the lives of the thousands of agents that have registered with us over the years.

Gambling businesses are a prime example of how an industry has evolved in the technological era. If you think about it, the way we do business has changed so much in the last few years that it's almost a different industry altogether.

Just 30 years ago bets were taken either in person or over the phone, and those phones were landlines, not even cell phones, 20 years ago we started taking bets over the internet, it was not pretty but it was a novelty and players were eager to try out the new technology. 10 years ago, we started seeing the new direction the industry would take, mobile device betting.

But despite these tech advances, most of these agents were still keeping track of their business either on paper or with the use of the famous bookie spreadsheet in their computers. While there is a nostalgic emotional attachment to these excel sheets, the truth is they are difficult to maintain, inputting information manually not only takes time, but it increases the odds of making a mistake, that will inevitably end up taking hours if not days to resolve.

In our ongoing effort to offer solutions to the everyday problems agents face, www.AcePerHead.com has added custom reports that offer clear benefits to our agents, cutting down the time they spend every week updating and managing their spreadsheets.

What used to take hours can now be accomplished within a few seconds with our detailed reports, which offer valuable information regarding end of week figures, settle reports, player's wagers, agent's exposure on any given event, you can even add payments including partial payments and keep track of all your accounting online from the convenience of your secure online agent account.

For those who still distrust technology, all our reports can be downloaded to your computer or printed if you feel like it. The agent console can provide detailed reports by day, week, from a single player or your entire package, including players from sub-agents.

Which brings us to yet another benefit of our report manager platform, keeping track of sub-agents and your share of the cut from their activities has never been easier, our reports provide all the information you require to make sure you get your piece of the pie every week.

In the unlikely event, you don't find a report that provides the information you require, you can always request a custom report be made just for you. This kind of service is only available at AcePerHead.com.

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