Types of Pro Bettors to Expect When Becoming an Online Bookie

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Becoming an online bookie means creating a business. Hollywood has given the public the impression that bookmaking is shady.

That it’s not a legitimate business at all. That’s wrong. Bookmakers provide a service. That’s what the business of bookmaking is all about.

Just like any other service business, online bookies must understand his or her customers. Sports bettors, a per head agent’s customers, are called players.

This article discusses the two types of pro players.

Types of Pro Players

There are two types of pro players:  sharp pro players and investment pro players. The main difference is that one uses a system and the other doesn’t. 

Sharp Pro Players

Sharp pro players don’t use systems. At times, they may create their own system, but as a rule, sharps look for value bets.

If they see an edge in making the bet, it doesn’t matter what sport, they make the wager.

Sharps often create their own lines. For example, a sharp might believe that Villanova should be -8.5 to beat Georgetown in a college basketball game instead of -6.5.

If the spread is 6.5, the sharp wagers on Villanova. If the spread is -10.5, the sharp player either bets on Georgetown or bypasses wagering all together.

Sharps usually have a high-degree of success. If a bookmaker’s cash flow doesn’t allow for payouts to sharp players, that bookmaker shouldn’t provide wagering services to sharp players.

There’s nothing wrong with telling a sharp player “I think my peer’s company can handle your business better than I can”. That’s the professional thing to do.

Investment Pro Players

Investment pro players, like stock market investors, use a system. There are some stock market investors who only buy stock of a company that has shown a specific pattern on a stock chart.

Wall Street refers to those investors as chart players.

Investment pro players use either betting trends, their version of a stock chart, or an actual system to bet. There are a ton of betting systems on the market.

An investment pro player might find one system better than another. 

Investment pro players simply aren’t going to make as consistent of a profit as sharp players. The reason is because there is no system that’s full proof.

Also, there aren’t many investment pro players. The reason is because to be an investment pro player, you often need a large bankroll, and you must be disciplined.

Most per head agents don’t cater their services to investment pro players.

Have The Right Tools

One thing to note is that sharp pro players can also be investment pro players. There’s no rule that says players can’t be both.

As always, online bookie agents must tailor their services towards their current customers as well as their goals as business owners. Doing one without the other leads to failure. 

Have a team that’ll find your sharps and help agents with understanding betting habits. This is especially important during March Madness.

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