The Top 5 Reasons You Cannot Afford Pay Per Head Service Interruptions

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Matt Skinner
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The Top 5 Reasons You Cannot Afford Pay Per Head Service Interruptions

It is pretty self-evident that in today’s technologically driven business economy that any amount of downtime has the capability to have a major negative impact on a company’s bottom line.

The long-standing adage that “time is money” has never been more relevant than it is today in a highly mobile online business environment.

The recent advances in the sports betting industry have mirrored this tremendous growth in technology, but can you always be sure that your Pay Per Head service as an independent sports bookmaker is keeping pace? One of the main reasons why Premier Per Head is the No. 1 Pay Per Head provider in the Pay Per Head industry today is our never-ending commitment to staying well ahead of the curve when it comes to our operating system and sports betting software.
We fully understand that downtime is not an option in the sports betting game, especially when our independent bookmaking agents are counting on us to be up and running on a continuous basis for their entire customer base. It is already tough enough competing against the big online sportsbooks that will go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their sites. An independent bookmaker needs a level playing field when it comes to state-of-the-art technology and softwareand that is exactly what you will have with Premier Per Head in your corner.
One of the big reasons that independent agents cannot afford any Pay Per Head service interruptions is the fast-paced nature of the sports betting game. If your customers cannot place the action they are looking for with you, they are likely to look elsewhere to take their business. This may be just a temporary setback for some Pay Per Head services, but at Premier Per Head we take the issue of downtime extremely seriously. That is why our database operating system is built and designed with triple redundancy to virtually eliminate service interruptions with our Pay Per Head service.
The sports bookmaking industry is a very fluid business that relies heavily on the ability to quickly move your betting lines and change your offerings based on the flow and direction of the action coming in. You need to be in-tune with betting line movements and you also need the capability to track the action coming in on an account-by-account basis. Any kind of downtime will severely hinder the hands-on attention this kind of business demands. With Premier Per Head by your side, you can put these kind of worries to rest so you can focus your energy on growing and building your customer base.

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