Starting a Bookie Business Is Now Easier Than Ever

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If you have ever considered starting your own sports book or online casino, then unless you have heard of a pay per head, the chances are that you would have been put off by the cost involved. The truth is, a few years ago starting your own bookies really was very expensive business but with advances in technology and companies such as Premier Per Head have made it incredibly easy for almost anyone to be able to set up their own online bookies.

It doesn’t matter whether you currently have your own sportsbook, and are looking to take your venture online or even if you are looking at setting up from scratch. When you use a pay per head service it literally gives you the ability to get up and running almost immediately.

Turnkey Sportsbook And Casino Business

When you sign up for a pay per head service you literally can reduce your workload to a minimum as the service provider takes care of every other aspect of your business for you. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is getting new customers for your brand-new online sports book and also taking payments and paying out winnings.

When you sign up at Premier Per Head you can be up and running within an hour on a two-week full service free trial which will enable your customers to get the online betting experience they have been searching for.

Just some Pay Per Head Benefits include:

  1. The Ability to bet on almost any major sporting event you can think of


When you run a sports book off-line is very time consuming and inefficient to run a book for lots of different sporting event. Because technology has come on in such leaps and bounds Pay Per Head Services such as those at Premier Per Head are now able to give your clients the option to bet on just about any major sporting event that is upcoming. Their expert oddsmakers are constantly ensuring that the bookies lines are constantly updated to ensure that you the bookmaker are always on top of your game. The last thing you need is a bookie is for a customer to see a slow-moving line and take advantage.


  1. Expert Advice And Customer Support


Not only is it essentially important that you as the bookie can get hold of industry experts and ask for advice any time of day or night, but also it is essential that your customers themselves have a human being they can talk to. When you sign up for pay per head services all this is taken care of for you. If you have ever run an off-line sportbook then you will know that you properly spent the vast majority of the day on the phone either taking bets or answering queries. With Premier pay per head your customers will have a direct phone number for their customer service centre where they will handle everything for you with highly experienced and English speaking staff.


  1. A Mobile Casino To Keep Your Customers Engaged

Keeping your customers engaged with an online bookmakers is one of the biggest challenges you face. The main reason for this is that most gamblers will have their preferred sports and when the sport are not playing they tend not to bet on different sports. In order to keep these players engaged with your brand, when you sign up with a pay per head provider they will give you a fully functioning online casino. This has proved very popular to make sure that your clients come back to your site over and over again.


Why Premier Per Head Is The Top Choice For Service Providers

Premier Per Head have been established many years and offer a fully comprehensive online betting software that you can have access to for a very small price per active customer. If you were to create your own software and more importantly keep it updated you will be looking at an outlay of several hundred thousand dollars and 10 to thousands of dollars per year to keep it maintained. Pay Per Head eliminates this completely. The good news is that the software is constantly being involved to ensure that not only do your clients get the best user experience they can possibly have anywhere, but also you as the agent will have the perfect software solution to manage your business from wherever you want.

Even if you are only considering the option of starting an online sportsbook or online casino then it is highly recommended that you get in touch with Premier Per Head for a 2 week free trial of their full software suite to see exactly how they will be able to help you change your fortunes as a bookie.

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