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PricePerPlayer.com offers an excellent sports betting software platform for those residing in the Clemson, South Carolina area.

The Clemson region is all about their Tigers Football, a team that looked destined to head to another College Football Championship Game heading into October 2017.

While the city population was only 13,905, this number does not include the vast number of students attending the university.  Clemson is a mere 40 minutes to 1 hour drive to the cities of Greenville and Spartanburg. 

PricePerPlayer.com offers an excellent option for those in this region looking to provide their clients with sports betting software that includes LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING.

From PricePerPlayer.com:

We offer the next generation, top of the line sports betting platform that uses the latest advancements and encryption technology to give you ease of mind about running your very own online sportsbook. The PricePerPlayer sports betting platform is equipped to meet the all of the requirements needed in the fast paced world of the gambling industry. The PricePerPlayer platform is an integrated, all-inclusive, solution for the management of betting activities and is designed to provide the complete management of sports betting games, at the operations, risk management and decision making level. Its extended functionalities include competitions, games, odds, handicaps etc., as well as real-time monitoring of betting trends and potential liabilities.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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