Running an Online Sportsbook - Don't Get Stressed Out by the Competitiveness

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The competitive nature of the online bookmaking world can be overcome by always staying one step ahead of the next guy or girl.


Use a Pay Per Head service.  Such a platform offers one the option to pay as little as $7 per week per customer.  This is typically several times less than operating independent of a Pay Per Head as a single customer will end up costing a hefty amount due to all the overhead (i.e. operating of a wire room, having to pay out staff, etc...).

The Pay Per Head handles everything through outsourcing including the 24/7 staffing, linesmaking, reporting, accounting and all the software features.  You have full access to everything without having to do all the work. 

Remember also that the Pay Per Head service provides LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, something you simply cannot do on your own.


Build your customer base.  The more customers you have, the more profitable your business will become.  This can be achieved primarily through word of mouth but there will obviously need to be a significant effort put in on your own at least in the beginning stages. 

There are several inexpensive ways to acquire new players like marketing your sportsbook on Facebook or other social media sites. In addition, one of the best and safest ways is thru recommendations from your current players and word of mouth.

This also brings us to another point about knowing your players.  The more you know your players the better the more you can cater to their betting habits.  For example, if a player likes prop bets, then let him know when a new prop bets is available.

There are many more factors in becoming a successful bookie but these two are probably the most important tips for a successful operation.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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