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Online bookies looking to make a lucrative bookie business should have live wagering available. Learn what sets PayPerHead apart from the other guys and how they can help you make more cash.

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Did you know that live wagering can double, or even triple your bookie revenue? It’s true.  If you’re not paired with a platform that offers real time betting, you’re losing out on money.

The Bettors Get All the Action They’re Looking For

At, we give your players access to over 900 games and 80 different sports. The Largest selection in the betting industry.

And, what really sets our live wagering apart, is that it isn’t provided through a third-party software. That means no lagging, no lost bets, and no last minute changes that hurt your bottom line.’s advanced platform makes it easy to manage your live bettor using your own completely customizable betting website. It’s 100% mobile friendly, and entirely set up for you by our expert team.

So, your players will be able to bet in real time, from anywhere with their smartphone. But we don’t just give you players premium treatment. You get the best bookie features in the business too.

The Bookies Get the Best in The Business

When you become a PayPerHead agent, your advanced reporting will make it easy to see how much money your players are wagering on live games, which games they’re betting on.

And even what the odds are – including the risk, and the win.

All this information is available with just a click from your all agents report dashboard. And if you ever have a question about managing your players, you can ask your own expert team of sports betting professionals at

With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all. And we know the best ways to grow your profits, with your platform.

Your PayPerHead team will also be monitoring your website 24/7, 365 days a year. So, you don’t have to worry about someone emptying the bank on a hot streak.

With live and mobile wagering, your players will be betting on more games, at anytime, from anywhere their smartphones can go.

That can only mean one thing for you – more money.

Get the Best Platform

Become a PayPerHead agent today and find out how simple building your bookie business can be when you have the right tools.

Learn more about live wagering, and how you can grow your business with the right partner. Speak to a PayPerHead rep today at 888-978-0288, or chat with them at

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