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When you decided to move your site to the lofty pay per head platform, you knew very well that it would help you get more clients. But you did not see how that would be possible.  Today, with the help of the only platform in the market that will increase the revenue of your pay per head site, you can confidently say that you can serve your clients diligently. That is why the pay per head software will always remain to be the only bookie software that will give the best to your clients.
Learn how that is possible with the following features:

Pay Per Head Customer care desk- this is one bit of the lofty pay per head software that you’ll personally love. You see, when your clients know that they can talk to you or at least your agent anytime they want, it gives them the relieve of its kind. Remember that it is essential to ensure that all your clients get answers to their pressing questions.

This will instill confidence in your site knowing that they have finally landed on a site that listens to them. The pay per head customer care desk is not an ordinary customer care desk that requires clients to call in at specific times of the day with no calls at all at night.  Things are very different with the PPH customer care desk. The agent at the office is at your clients’ service 24 hours seven days a week and 365 and ¼ days a year. Yes, the agent is on throughout. What is more is that the agent can speak different languages to ensure quality delivery of services.

Elaborate Use Interface- this is yet another feature you might find appealing to your clients. You cannot imagine how relieved your clients get when every tab on the main screen is labeled and working.  It is something that allows them to be able to navigate through the site knowing that they will get the information they are looking for. Remember too that on some 
pay per head sites that are powered by different software, it is not easy to tell the state of many things. For instance, on many such sites, players are not able to know the amount of money they have spent, how many games they have played, lost, or won. Besides, if they do not do all these, how will they see the amount of bankroll they have been left with? Yes, use these many features to bring many clients on board.

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