Pinnacle Sports Continues Its Dominance as eSports Betting Provider

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Benjamin Cronin, Content & Social Media Manager at Pinnacle, recently sat down for an interview with SBC to discuss the booming eSports betting sector.  Pinnacle Sports, to their credit, was among the first online sports books to offer eSports wagering.

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eSports is a viable profit generator for the books as was evident back in August when Gambling911.com revealed that Bookmaker.eu would be bringing on experts to help expand their eSports offerings.  Go to many of the North American-facing sportsbook sites and you are likely to see heavy promotion of eSports events.

"The exponential growth of eSports seems to have caught a lot of people by surprise but at Pinnacle," Cronin tells SBC.  "We knew there was something there from the start. It might be happening quicker than expected but revenue figures of $1.5bn in 2017 show just how mainstream it has become.

"From a betting perspective, the growth has been pretty much in-line with the industry as a whole – we took our 5,000,000th eSports bet in February this year and are on course to surpass 10,000,000 at the start of 2018."

Pinnacle knows there is competition in the space and intends to stay well ahead of the game.

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A look at the Pinnacle Sports eSports hub and some of the many bet offerings

"In addition to our highly skilled trading team with expert eSports knowledge, the simplicity of our offering makes it easy to adapt to rapidly growing markets. We offer the best odds and highest limits, and we won’t ban or restrict winning bettors – regardless of the sport or event, that will always be the case."

One thing that makes Pinnacle stand out from the rest of the competition is that they believe even folks who have little knowledge of eSports can learn by visiting the site's eSports hub.

"Whether you have no knowledge of eSports and the various games or you’re a seasoned bettor who wants to learn more about advanced strategies, there’s something for everyone in the blog section of our eSports hub."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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