Promo: Get 5% Cash Back or Premium Account Upgrade

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C Costigan
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Jan/22/2016 Promo: Get 5% Cash Back or Premium Account Upgrade (G911)

NFL playoff season is fast approaching and every great online bookie is looking to make big bucks off their pay per head business.

With’s Super Bowl Madness offer, you’ll be prepared to capitalize on the season with an industry leading platform and 3 valuable bonuses for the price of one:

Bonus #1: Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition

Right from the start is getting you set up with a free guide to the NFL playoff season, Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition.

 This free resource is full of tactical tools for online bookies like:
- Free email templates to kick-start your referral strategy
- Suggested Bets and Bonus offers to increase betting activity
- Specific steps on how to manage your players’ bankroll to keep a balanced book

And tons more free assets that will save you time and make you more money.

Bonus #2: Discount Welcome Packages

Along with the free guide, you also get to choose your own discount welcome package: a Premium Account Upgrade or 5% cash back.

The Premium Account Upgrade includes superior features for just $10 per head:

  • 24-7 Telephone Service
  • Virtual & Live Dealers
  • Unlimited Player Profiles
  • 10 Active Player minimum
  • $250 Deposit minimum
  • Live add-on only $3 per head during the NFL playoffs

The 5% Cash Back offer relates to all agent deposit activity and includes:

  • 7 Days Free
  • Standard Plan Access @ $15/head
  • 24/7 Telephone Wagering
  • Virtual & Live Dealer Casinos
  • Unlimited Player Profiles
  • 5 Active Player minimum
  • $250 Deposit minimum
  • Get 7% Cash Back with 10 active players

Current bookies will get a chance to save some cash while newbies to the platform will not only save money, but get access to one of the best pay per head platforms available.
Bonus #3: Live Betting for NCAA March Madness

The third bonus that comes with the Super Bowl Madness deal is a discount on live wagering for March Madness.

You’ll be able to increase your revenue by offering real-time bets and encourage some extra cash to compensate for the Super Bowl drop-off.

This March Madness live wagering discount only applies to those who join the Super Bowl Madness promo, so don’t wait to get the details on this exclusive NFL playoff offer.

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