Pay Per Head Software Features Review for Online Bookies

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Matt Skinner
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Pay Per Head Software Features Review for Online Bookies

March Madness is the second most popular betting season for online bookies and you have to be prepared for it.

If you do not have the best bookie software available for capitalizing on this upcoming betting spree, then you need to consider switching.

We’ve reviewed PayPerHead.com for you, one of the leading sports betting software platforms in the industry, as an example of what kind of features are most valuable to an online bookie.

Live Wagering: Ranked 9/10

Your players can bet on every play with live betting (live in-game betting).

This means more options, more bets and more action in your books.

Variety of Leagues, Sports and Options: Ranked 9.5/10

PayPerHead.com has the largest sports offering in the betting industry, 80+ leagues to be exact. This means when the hot seasons are over, your players still have options to keep betting.

You can check out PayPerHead.com right now and get their free March Madness Bookie Blueprint to help you maximize your profits.

Sharp Lines and Sharper Service: Ranked 10/10

We’ve given PayPerHead.com a perfect score for the sharpness of their lines because they’re the only pay per head shop to be listed on DonBest.

Mobile Betting: Ranked 8.5/10

An up-to-date pay per head platform will include mobile wagering and mobile access to their website. If they do not offer this feature, then you’re denying your players one of the most popular features in the industry.

PayPerHead.com earns 8.5 for not only offering mobile betting, but by also offering custom websites for their online bookies that are mobile friendly too.

Security: Ranked 10/10

Since we just mentioned mobile, typically the first thing that comes to mind is data security.

Payperhead.com is secured with 128-bit encrypted logins, they use triple-redundant phone lines, and are equipped with distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention.

Live Dealers and Casino: Ranked 9/10

You can increase your revenue by offering Live Casino and Dealers.

PayPerHead.com has made sure to turn every moment of down time into a betting opportunity by streaming 24 hours, 7 days a week in High Definition.

If you’d like more tips on how to boost your pay per head profits, you should check out the newest March Madness guide from PayPerHead.com.

Analytics Reporting: Ranked 8.5/10

Information is key in this business and you want pay per head software that understands that.

With PayPerHead.com’s  in-depth reporting, you can find out how much was bet on a game, who bet on it, how much is on each side, adjust credit limits, create sub-agents and much more.

Offers: Ranked 9/10

A platform that is consistently providing discounts, resources, and tools to grow your business is a lot more invested in your success.

PayPerHead.com runs regular discounts and other promotions that are very high value and reflect the most popular trends in the sports betting industry.

You can check out their latest March Madness promotion right now and see for yourself the high level of customer service they provide their online bookies.

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