Pay Per Head: The Smart Way of Growing Your Business

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Matt Skinner
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Pay Per Head: The Smart Way of Growing Your Business

Let's say that you are a bookmaker that has an interesting number of clients that have been with you for quite some time because they trust you.

Your business is growing and you'd like to take on more clients of course and see your profit grow. At the same time your clients are becoming more and more demanding, so you start considering setting up a formal offshore sportsbook. You will start out by making a list of everything you'll need: office space, the right software, a website, staff to help you with your clients, computers, servers, the right group of IT professionals and a legal advisor. By the time you've gone this far down the list you are already regretting even thinking about the possibility, it is a complex set up if you want to do it right, and it takes a long time and a big investment.

You start brainstorming and looking for different alternatives and, in doing so, you come across the term Pay Per Head. It may seem complicated at first, and sometimes itís hard to find a straight forward explanation on how a Pay Per Head work, but in reality this is actually the best solution to any bookmaker looking to grow their business.

What is a pay per head operation and how does it work?

Let us explain how a PPH service operates in simple terms:

A Pay Per Head sportsbook is an online operation that provides outsourcing services to bookmakers. In other words, you rent their platform and service for a small fee and this way you are able to offer your clients a first class service.  Additionally you are given the tools to compete in the industry in order to focus on growing your business.

There are a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to PPH sportsbooks.  When you are searching for the right fit for your unique business make sure to compare the different features that areoffered.  Look for reviews and request a demo. A solid company that is confident of their product will be happy to offer you a test run. Currently AcePerHead.com offers you 9 weeks FREE trial, the longest test period offered by any Pay Per Head shop. You can try our their system through the Agent demo or the Player demo, which includes a review of lines, chatting with staff, etc..

Some of the advantages of working with a high rated pay per head service such as AcePerHead.com include:

  • You get your own website,
  • 24/7 Online access, your clients can bet anytime they want through their computer or any mobile device.
  • Multiple betting options, you are not limited to the sportsbook, AcePerHead.com offers Virtual and Live Casino, Live Betting and Racebook.
  • Reporting tools that will allow you to have a clear insight of your clientsí activity.
  • Security and confidentiality for you and your customers.
  • AcePerHead.com also provides excellent customer support through phone or chat, knowledgeable, experienced staff that will help answer any questions your clients may have.
  • High-end technology
  • Tons of props and offerings.

The best advantage of using a Pay Per Head: You stay in complete control.

AcePerHead.com charges a reasonable rate per active client, but they remain YOUR customers. Player profiles and limits are fully configurable according to your preferences. As such you get to make all the important calls about your business and focus on building more clients while AcePerHead.com handles the day to day operation.  It simply can't get any better than this.

Getting set up is also a simple process; register for an account and call in.  It's as easy as that.  If you are looking for the perfect solution for your bookmaker needs, you've found it, go to AcePerHead.com and get started today.

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