Pay Per Head Services: The Solution You Are Looking For

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Pay Per Head Services: The Solution You Are Looking For

Pay per head services (PPH), are growing in popularity, and the reason is clear and simple: it makes your life easier. If you are a bookie, you know that the sports betting industry changes constantly and technology plays a big role, more and more options are available every day, and running a first class business can become very expensive, time consuming and complicated and needless to say competition out there is harsh.

But why bother with overhead, dealing with employees and every day business problems when there is an alternative that will save you the grief and allow you to focus on growing your business and finding new opportunities. Pay per head services can make this your reality, and at the same time your clients will be thrilled with the benefits this option brings for them too, wagering online or over the phone, customer service, variety of betting options, clear reportsÖ really it canít get better than this.

How does a PPH service work?

Pay per head services are a turnkey solution, basically you are outsourcing the services you need for your clients. The sportsbook charges a flat fee per client, in exchange, you are getting a good looking website where your clients can log in and bet directly in any sport they want, an 800 number for them to call in their bets or get help from a customer service agent, easy to use software, security, 24/7 online wagering, racebook , casino, access to reports, in other words every service they could possibly want, and we all know how demanding a client can be, especially when trying to get a bet in 5 minutes before a game starts.

If you are convinced this is the right option for you, letís move on to the next step. Choosing the right per head service, this can be a tricky one, there are certainly different options out there, but you have to find the one that works out best for you and your clientsí needs.

When looking for a PPH service take the following into consideration:.

ï Convenience: How much flexibility do you need? Make sure the software your PPH Service uses offers you the tools you need to handle your clientsí accounts, that itís friendly and easy to use and available for mobile wagering.

ï Reliability: Check out reviews about the different pph companies.

ï Service: Evaluate the staff, make some test calls, make sure their clerks and staff in general are properly trained and know how to handle clients in a professional way. The best pay per head services out there provide you with a trial period and this will help you make your decision.

ï Stability: Ask questions about their security, their redundancy, their rules, options offered etc.

ï Price: of course we all want to get the best price possible, but make sure you are not sacrificing on quality and professionalism to save a few bucks, at the end if clients are happy and satisfied they will keep coming back and this will translate in more profit for you.

Focus on what you like to do, getting new business and handling the money. If you want a recommendation on a great per head service, we suggest checking out:

But donít take our word for it, try them out today!

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