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Just like with most businesses now-a-days, there are many online pay per head sportsbook services to choose from, and therefore there are plenty of aspects to take into account when choosing the company youíll be working with; especially when you consider that a PPH is not just a service provider, but almost a business partner, one that can either help you grow your business or that can actually make you lose money and clients.

Factors to consider when choosing your pay per head service:

Usually, when searching for the right PPH company, the attention is focused on the following basic aspects:

  • Quality of Service: both in terms of offering sharp lines and also a great level of customer support.
  • System Stability and Security: in this industry, downtimes are a big no-no, and security is a must.
  • Price: of course, price is important, you need to find the right balance between price and service offered, if you go cheap you canít expect a first-class service.

However, one aspect that is extremely important and usually overlooked is the Payment methods; if the PPH company you are dealing with is not on top of this, it can become a big problem very quickly.

Professional and reliable price per head services are constantly looking for new payment methods to offer agents for their convenience.

Payment Options for PPH Businesses:

The times when person-to-person money transfers were the only option are long gone, even when this method is still available, it presents many inconveniences, most bookies are familiar with this: misspelled names, wrong destinations, questions, blacklisted names, etc. In many cases, you end up losing your money and your time, not to mention you also end up frustrated and angry.

Staying up-to-date with the latest payment alternatives is not easy, it requires time, the appropriate structure and resources, which is why, inquiring about funding methods is a great way of knowing if you are dealing with a serious company that knows their business or if you are putting your investment at risk with an unexperienced organization.

Paying your pay per head service should be simple

The prepaid gift card market has become a very popular method of payment for many industries across the world; and it is a convenient and easy to use funding option for PPH customers.

AcePerHead.com started implementing this funding method through the use of Vanilla Gift Cards, which can be easily purchased in a number of commercial spots such as CVS pharmacies, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Duane Read, among others.

Customers can buy as many cards as they want, with different dollar amounts, for a small activation fee of less than $5, a lot better than other payment methods and with the advantage that the transactions remain completely anonymous, which is ideal for the PPH industry.

Vanilla Gift Cards are sponsored by Visa and Mastercard, and they are a secure and easy method to fund your account.

Vanilla Gift Cards are just one of many other payment methods offered by AcePerHead.com.

Choose a pay per head service that gives you solutions instead of problems and difficulties, choose Ace Per Head.

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