Pay Per Head News: What Can Bookmakers Expect For 2018

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Like most everyone else, online bookmakers have high expectations for 2018. The FIFA World Cup takes place in 2018. The World Cup should be a boon to a bookmaker’s bottom line.

Check out more info on the 2018 World Cup along with info on what else to expect in the New Year.

March Madness Profits

As always, March Madness should bring the profits. The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is routinely the second most bet upon event of the year. This year should be no different.

The fact that college hoops, like always, is deep with upset possibilities means that not only will pro players jump on the chance to bet on the NCAA Tournament, but so will casual bettors.

What Can Derail Profits – It’s important that a few popular teams move on in each round of the tournament. Without Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, or Arizona moving on, the tournament tends to lose its luster.

A lost luster NCAA Tournament leads to less betting action.

2018 World Cup Excitement

The 2018 World Cup is the most bet upon sporting event in the world every time it takes place. The Super Bowl is a huge betting event.

The World Cup is bigger.

Powerhouse international teams like Germany, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil are likely to go deep into this year’s World Cup. That’s good news for pay per head agents.

What Can Derail Profits – The bad news is that the United States didn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup. All that free betting money that U.S. players dump on the Stars and Stripes to take home the World Cup every four years is out the window this year.

Rising Betting Interest in Online Racebooks

Although less people are going to racetracks to make wagers, betting on the biggest races, like the Triple Crown races, is rising.

What it means is that interest in horse racing, amazingly, might be coming back. So, pay per head agents should have a software that offers their bettors all Triple Crown games and well as multiple racetracks and games 365 days a year.

What Can Derail Profits – If the Triple Crown is a dud, like it was in 2017 when 3 different horses won each leg of the Triple Crown, interest in online racebooks could wane towards the end of spring.

Also, the best racehorse in the world, Gun Runner, just retired.

College Football and NFL Will Still Rule

College football and the NFL should still rule. Per head agents should still manage their sportsbooks based on the college football and NFL seasons.

What Can Derail Profits – The NFL made a mess of this past season with how it handled the National Anthem controversy. There are many bettors that also feel the refs handed the AFC Championship game to the Patriots.

If the NFL doesn’t remember it’s a product with customers, those customers might start turning their backs on it.

With 2018 building up to be filled with profit, pay per head agents should be confident with their sportsbook management software. Having the right tools in place, and being able to offer all of the above trends in your sportsbook is a sure-fire way to profit.

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