Pay Per Head Master and Sub Agent Accounts

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Team up with Agents and share the action with one of the best Pay Per Head platforms, PremierPerHead.com.

Create custom Agent accounts and manage everything from one Master Agent account. Give Agents access to their own information based on their account type and permission settings.

PPH’s powerful Agent System feature puts you at the helm. Customize everything from percentage to payout for each unique Agent account. Take your game to the next level and expand your Sportsbook empire!

PremierPerHead.com is secure Pay Per Head that features LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, real time data, 24/7 customer service, ability to run and review reports and analytics, SSL security and much much more.

They offer a FREE 4-WEEK TRIAL for qualified clients coming through Gambling911.com.

Learn more about PremierPerHead here.

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The War on Bitcoin: Arch Enemies Join Forces

The War on Bitcoin: Arch Enemies Join Forces

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BuyBSV.com Now Offers Bank Transfers in US & Canadian Dollars

BuyBSV.com Now Offers Bank Transfers in US & Canadian Dollars

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No Retail Crypto-Wide Bull Run Likely for Rest of 2020

No Retail Crypto-Wide Bull Run Likely for Rest of 2020

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