Pay Per Head Agents Top Tips For Picking A Bookie Software

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Online bookie agents make their first real decision when they choose what pay per head company to collaborate with.

Choosing what per head organization to collaborate with has a lot to do with that company’s bookie software. See below for four agents must haves when it comes to bookmaking software.

Allows for Mobile Betting and Live Betting

It’s important that players can wager through their smartphones. It’s also important that players can make wagers while games are being played.

It’s been shown that casual bettors prefer to wager on games that they can watch.

Casual bettors might also push winning wagers, or try to cut losses by making live wagers in the opposite direction from their original wagers. Mobile betting is necessary.

Allowing players to make mobile wagers during live events can tremendously increase action.

Offers a Great Dashboard

A per head agent’s dashboard is the engine that runs his or her entire organization. A good dashboard is centralized.

A good dashboard allows agents to check billing history as well as active head count. But great dashboards, like the one offered by, offers more.

PayPerHead’s dashboard allows agents to customize it so that they can view more than fifteen different reports. That’s power in the hands of PPH agents.

Provides Necessary Tools

Without tools to help bookmakers manage their businesses, things could go south in a hurry. The very best per head companies offer excellent bookmaking management tools. A few examples of great tools are below:

Schedule limit override – The schedule limit override tool allows agents to create circle limits on a schedule for a sport, period, or profile.

Settle alert – The settle alert tool pings the agent before a player has reached his or her settle limit.

Layoff account – PayPerHead offers its agents the ability to lay off action to help balance the books. A layoff account can be important for online bookie agents that service many pro players.

Get The Right Online Bookie Software

All tools above are necessary for agents to manage their bookmaking businesses. It starts with excellent bookie software.

The very best software satisfies an agent’s customers as well as providing tools that help agents run their organizations.

Get the best in the business, join and get all the best tools and features available.

PayPerHead’s premium sportsbook platform is on sale right now for half the price. New agents can also set up coaching with the PayPerHead team.

They’re there to make sure online bookies succeed and understand how to properly use these tools.

Start growing your bottom line - sign up today.

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