Pay Per Head Agents: Think Again Before Choosing A Cheap Software

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Sometimes, it makes sense as human beings to buy the $1 value fries. Sometimes, it makes sense to spend the $1 to upgrade to the super combo meal.

When it comes to an online bookie agent’s business, there’s no question that he or she should always upgrade.

Before getting into why, read about how cheap per head software can end your business.

How Cheap Per Head Software Can End Your Business

Today’s sports bettors have a multitude of choices. It feels like a new online sportsbook pops up every week.

Those are the sportsbooks. Those aren’t a per head agent’s peers.

With so much competition, even considering going the cheap route with pay per head software can lead to disaster.

4 Advantages That the Best Per Head Software Provides

The assumption in this article is that all PPH software offers mobile and live betting. Those are two pieces of software that are essential to running an online bookie business.

Below, are 4 advantages the best per head software provides.

Customized Dashboard – Agents should be able to customize their dashboards. This includes adding reports that agents use to make business decisions.

The very best per head software allows agents to customize his or her dashboard to view up to 15+ reports.

Settle Alert Tool – A settle alert tool can mean the difference between having cash flow for the month, or not.

Settle alert tools are important to manage payments and payouts. Without cash flow, any business, it doesn’t matter the industry, can suffer.

Layoff Account – Football season is just around the corner. 90% to 99% of the action that most pay per head agents receive once football season arrives should be against the spread action.

Sometimes, against the spread action is one-sided. At times, it is one sided to the point where an online bookie must utilize a layoff account.

Cheap per head software often doesn’t offer a layoff account.

Premium Package Option – Only the most professional per head companies offer a premium package option.

Premium packages offer tools that might be the difference between one agent keeping his or her clients, and one agent losing his or her clients.

Some excellent tools offered by the best premium software packages are:  TV listings, injury reports, extra live betting reports, and a line mover. 

Choose A Premium Software

Understand the importance of having a proper pay per head software to combat the competition.

The sportsbook industry is saturated, agents looking to continue to grow their dynasty should have all the tools and features listed above.

PayPerHead.com is a premium sportsbook solution that offers a premium software created with the online bookie agent in mind.

Right now you can get their Prime Package for only $5 per head. That’s a premium software for a cheap price.

Take advantage of this deal before NFL betting starts and the competition becomes fierce. Become a PayPerHead agent today.

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