Owning an Online Sportsbook Not All Fun and Games

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C Costigan
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Owning an online sportsbook may sound like a license to print all the money you want, and while it is true it can be one of the most profitable online businesses these days, with immediate returns on your investment, the truth is, it's not easy to operate.

It's About Making Money

Thankfully, there are reputable companies like www.AcePerHead.com that do all the heavy lifting for you, taking care of the daily operation of the book, providing state of the art sports betting software and experienced line managers, support staff, and IT engineers at an astounding low price.

When it comes to betting software, there are vast differences, some platforms were created for post up business and can handle some credit agentís business, but these are not a good fit for pay per head sites, that cater to a different market entirely.

Pay per head companies like Ace Per Head, require robust betting platforms that are able to support a myriad of profiles to accommodate every agentís need. This kind of sports betting software is highly specialized and focuses on being able to create profiles and line types in minutes, the ability to move an entire package regardless of its size from one line type to another or from one player profile to another, is imperative.

The days where you needed to wait a week to have your package set up are over, the account managers at www.AcePerHead.com can set up almost any agent package within 20 minutes, clearly if you own an extremely large package or have a very complex sportsbook structure, this process will take longer, however you should be able to start operating within 24 hours.

Another great feature of the sports betting software, is that almost every item listed in it can be customized depending on the agentís needs, this give bookie agents the chance to create their own independent brand using the while label solution provided by Ace Per Head.

From having a one of a kind website designed for you, to helping you create an online image and providing you with dedicated toll-free numbers for your players, Ace can do it all. If you decide to brand your book, then know they will provide as much help as you require to help you succeed. One of the most important aspects of online businesses and especially bookmaking ones, is reputation and reliability.

By registering with AcePerHead, you automatically have a head start, their service is already recognized as one of the best, and with their network reliability that has 99.99% up time, you are guaranteed to make a name for yourself in record time.

And when it comes to pricing, you wonít get a better value elsewhere, with pricing that starts at just $10 per head that includes the best lines, the best casino, and racebook, and most importantly the best support staff, $10 a head is a steal.

Registering an account at www.AcePerHead.com is free, and for a limited time, take advantage of the most incredible free trial in the business, up to 6 weeks of service at no cost to you, with a deal like this you know you canít go wrong.

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