Online Bookie Tips: How Agents Avoid Hitting The "Low Season"

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Online bookie agents must beware the “low season”. What’s the low season? Below, we define what it is.

We also write suggestions on how bookies can avoid the dreaded low season.

What’s the Low Season?

The low season is when action in most online sportsbooks is at it’s lowest. This often happens after the NBA Finals and before the NFL Preseason in August.

During those couple of months when the only sports league playing games is Major League Baseball, agents can suffer huge downturns in action.

For some agents, if they’re not careful, a particularly bad low season can turn into the death of the agent’s sportsbook business.

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Stemming action loss during the low season should be the goal of every pay per head agent.

How do agents stem low season action loss?

How Per Head Agents Stem Low Season Action Loss

The reason the low season occurs is because a bookie agent’s clients are strictly basketball and football bettors. This could be the case for most agents.

Why? Football, the NFL especially, is the reason most sports bettors wager on sporting events. When sports bettors aren’t paying attention to the NFL, they’re often paying attention to the NBA.

When both the NFL and NBA are on hiatus, online bookies that rely on action from those sports leagues can get into trouble.

Therefore, the goal must be how bookies can interest their clients in wagering on sports other than football and basketball.

Below are some ideas on how to accomplish that.

1. Educate sports bettors

If MLB doesn’t provide as much action as the NBA, agents should educate their sports bettors on how to wager on MLB games. Discuss what bettors should look for before betting on MLB games. Agents should also pump up the idea of daily MLB betting action because there won’t be a day from now until right before the playoffs where no baseball games are played.

2. Promote nationally televised sports events

Per head agents should promote nationally televised sports events. A sports event doesn’t have to be a game. The 2018 NFL Draft is on April 26.

Prop bets around the NFL Draft include: 

  • the first player chosen
  • the second QB chosen
  • the second RB chose
  • the first WR chosen.

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3. Promote odds in horse racing

The online racebook is pretty much open 365 days a year. Although every person, not just sports bettors, knows about the Kentucky Derby.

Most every person doesn’t know about the great odds on horse races.A favorite in horse racing often goes off at 2 to 1 odds. That means bettors can double their money if the chalk wins.

That’s a decent return on a sports bettors investment.

4. Promote high-interest sporting events

The Kentucky Derby is a high-interest sporting event.  Although it won’t happen, the Canelo-Triple G boxing match that was scheduled for May 5 is a high-interest sporting event.

The 2018 World Cup is a high-interest sporting event. Promoting high-interest sporting event should attract enough action for online bookie agents to prevent the low season from doing too much damage. 

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That should really kick-start pay per head agents’ sportsbooks during the low season!

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