Online Bookie Tips: The Hold Percentage Tool Explained

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Simple betting stats might be the most powerful tool for any online bookie. Being able to determine where money might flow, is the first step towards forecasting one’s business.

Betting stats allow agents to forecast their businesses like true CEOs. Check out examples of two types of betting stats as well as how agents can find pro players.

Example of Simple Betting Stats?

There are two types of betting stats. The first type is all about specific player betting stats. The second type is about specific sport betting stats. Both can help agents find pro players.

Specific Player Betting Stats – What are specific player betting stats? Those are simply the stats about a specific player.

For example, if a player bets exclusively on Cleveland to cover the spread in NBA games, the betting stat assumes that the player will wager on Cleveland games whenever Cleveland plays.

What pay per head agents must do is pay attention to how often the player bets on Cleveland games. If the player bets on Cleveland every time, that player is likely a casual player.

If the player only bets on Cleveland games occasionally, but makes a big bet when he or she does bet, that player is a pro player.

There are also specific betting stats for sports. For example, stating that New England is 5 and 1 against the spread every time they play on grass, is a betting stat.

That’s a trend that some sports bettors utilize to help them decide when, and when not to, wager on a game.

Most Pro Players are Trend Bettors

The best way to discover pro players is to see if they utilize specific trends. Check out a couple of real betting trends based on betting stats about the Chicago White Sox:

White Sox are 2-9 in their last 11 games following a loss

White Sox are 0-5 in their last 5 interleague road games

Professional players are going to look at the above trends, cross-compare the trends above with whom the White Sox are playing today, and then decide to wager or not.

What pro players always end up doing is discovering the trends they are most comfortable with.

Pro players use the trends to create a system. A system is made up of two parts: money amount, and betting trends. A player can’t be considered a pro player unless he or she uses a system.

To find which of an online bookie agent’s players are pros, the online bookie only needs to study player activity reports.

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