Online Bookie Tips: Customer Service Is Key To Profit

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If there’s one key to making profit as a pay per head agent, it’s customer service. Although customer service when it comes to the bookmaking industry sounds silly, there’s no doubt that it’s the one thing that can keep most any bookmaker profitable.

Keep reading to find out why.

What Separates Your Sportsbook?

The most important question online bookies should ask is what separates their businesses from everyone else’s online bookie business. What makes you the bookmaker that your clients decide to play with?

If the answer to the question above isn’t customer service, you could be in some trouble.

Why is Customer Service So Important to Gain Profit?

This can be summed up in one word, competition. The per head industry is rife with competition. What is competition? Competition are those other bookies who wish to steal away your business.

Your business is providing wagering services to your clients.

Due to the level of competition, keeping your clients playing with you should be your number one goal. The best way to do this is via customer service.

At the end of the day, the customer service you provide your clients is the only reason they play through your sportsbook.

There are multiple other avenues for bettors to turn to. Worse comes to worse, they can go back to playing online through one of the myriad online sportsbooks.

They don’t have to play through a specific per head agent’s book.

Customer Service Drives Action

The only way to gain profit in the bookmaking industry is by accepting action on sporting events, through the online casino, through the online racebook, etc.

If an agent doesn’t accept action, the agent will never make a profit.

What drives action? The easy answer is marketing. That’s true. To a certain point, marketing drives action.

Sending out text messages regarding the Monday Night Football game should help drive action on the game.

But a much more powerful method of driving action is by providing great customer service. Here are a couple examples of marketing statements.

One is a customer service driven marketing statement. The other is a basic marketing statement.

“Check out the odds-on Denver vs Chicago tonight.”

“I noticed that you bet the last 3 times Denver has played an NFC team. Tonight they’re playing Chicago.”

The customer service based marketing statement is the second statement.

By making communication more customer service focused, per head agents can guarantee that their clients continue to drive action to their sportsbook.

Per head agents can find all the information they need for customer focused communications on the PayPerHead’s customizable dashboard.  

That information includes which sports your players are betting, what teams, and how much they wagered. Agents can compare side-by-side reports to know exactly which bets are bringing in the most cash.

Pay per head agents interested in providing the best customer service need the industry-leading per head solution. And, to kick off the NFL Regular Season, PayPerHead.com is offering their Prime Package for just $3 per head.

But, this deal is a call-in only. So what are you waiting for? Learn more here, or speak to a PayPerHead rep at 1-888-978-0288

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